Cheminformatics tools harness ML for solving various problems in chemistry that call for state-of-the-art information storage and retrieval technologies. Its focal point is the gathering, search, indexing, analysis, storage, retrieval and manipulation of chemical data. These are useful for conducting research or suggesting pathways to certain desired functionalities that do not exist yet.

 Molecular Connections’ Cheminformatics tools help pharmaceutical and biotech companies have a better understanding of complex structures of chemical compounds by using computational methods such as ML. They enhance business operations by ensuring advanced research and drug discovery and development.

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  • We custom built a reaction database for one of our clients with extracting information from journals and patent publications to enable researchers to plan and execute their experiments. Curation of non-English chemical patent publications is challenging, during the project we developed a workflow to maintain high quality levels in terms of content accuracy and contextual relevance, which is impossible with just machine translation although translation technology is constantly evolving.

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