Ontology Development

A top pharmaceutical company, invested in advancing drug research, wanted its proprietary ontology maintained and enriched by regularly adding and updating definitions and synonyms and cross-references built across similar ontologies.


Pharma Company






Addressing Incomplete Data: Enriching Synonyms and Definitions

Incomplete Data: A significant portion of the existing ontology lacked synonyms and definitions.

Cross-Ref data validation: Ensuring and verifying the genuineness of cross-referenced data

Quick Turnaround Time: The Customer required the initial updated version of the database to be updated and delivered within a challenging three-month timeframe.


Comprehensive Solutions: Enriching, Validating, and Updating Knowledge

Content Enrichment: The Master Database underwent a thorough update, incorporating new terms, adding precise synonyms and definitions, and a detailed cross-reference mapping.

Automated Validation: Introduced machine learning techniques to enhance and speed up the validation of cross-references.

Continuous Update: The database is updated with regular reviews and integration of emerging concepts and corrections and a major release is published every quarter. 


Improvement in research-to-market speed for customer


Trusted reference data sources used


Accuracy achieved in the validation of auto-generated cross-references

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