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The pharmaceutical industry is constantly battling the complexity of data which makes it difficult for it to reach ideal explanations and drive perfect solutions. Ontology Services help in generating useful insights that accelerate the process of research in the pharmaceutical industry and assist with drug discovery:

An ontology is a structure for representing shareable and reusable knowledge in a particular subject matter across a certain domain.

Ontology Mapping is an approach used to identify information which is semantically related. It assists in correlating information from different sources,.

Ontology Transformation is needed to produce semantically rich datasets. It uses an ontology pattern approach to improve the quality of ontologies


NetPro™ is a comprehensive bio-molecular interaction database, which comprises of protein-protein interactions and protein-small molecule interactions.


Molecular Connections’ Gene-disease Networking (MC-GeneNetTM) platform employs a range of in silico methodologies using internally developed text mining engine


CliPro™ is a comprehensive, easy to access knowledgebase of proteins in various biological sources that reflects alterations between normal versus diseased conditions.


XTractor™ is a platform for discovery & analysis of published biomedical facts. The only knowledgebase which provides “manually” annotated facts from PubMed.ns.

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