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Molecular Connections’ Gene-disease Networking (MC-GeneNetTM) platform employs a range of in silico methodologies using internally developed text mining engine, in-house knowledgebase (NetProTM) and proprietary algorithms to identify, analyze and visualize gene-disease associations.

  • The knowledgebase can be specifically queried and filtered for various fields like molecules, molecule types, species, interaction terms, interaction type, cellular localization, pathway, disease etc.

  • Disease related information pertaining to the interactions is available which could be a mutation detail, expression profile or any other significant properties of the interacting molecule with respect to the disease.

  • MINETM a Java based visualization tool developed by Molecular Connections, could be used for querying, filtering and analyzing NetProTM data.

  • Target identification / prioritization
  • Systems biology
  • Linking biomolecular pathways and indications
  • To elucidate drugs mechanism of action
  • Drug – repurposing
  • Pharmaceutical and life science companies
  • Academic labs
  • Text/data mining companies
  • Life science and healthcare analytics companies
  • Database providers

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