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Target Discovery is pivotal in formulating a successful drug campaign. Increasing amounts of scientific literature available in the public domain is an excellent resource to help identify possible drug targets. However, a surge in published literature poses a challenge for researchers to extract relevant information and remain updated with the latest developments.

 Molecular Connections’ Target Identification Service helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies identify novel drug targets along with helping them mine safety data. Our highly skilled domain experts provide our clients with especially curated data in the desired format.

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  • Molecular Connections’ custom-curation services team assisted a top pharmaceutical company to step up the target discovery/ prioritization process by mining information on various biomedical entities of the specific targets and integrating the information onto the customers internal database. 
  • Target safety data was manually curated from scientific literature for a list of molecular targets and drugs provided by the pharmaceutical company in order to prioritize targets for further research.
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