Systems Biology focuses upon recognizing and relating the functioning of complex biological systems and eventually assists with developing predictive models of human disease. It helps increase productivity and helps deliver improved decision-making in pharmaceutical development.

Molecular Connections’ Systems Biology Service employs deep curation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based text-mining methods to help identify novel gene/gene-mutation and disease associations from the scientific literature in order to create state-of-the-art disease pathways.

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  • For a top pharmaceutical company we constructed an interactome of molecular components involved in the epigenetic regulation, in order for the client to identify signaling pathways and molecular targets involved in the amelioration of specific disease case.
  • Probable interaction networks involved in pathology of Alzheimer’s disease: predicting targets and therapeutic agents-NetProTM based study.
  • Objective: To highlight the application of NetProTMin predicting interaction networks, potential targets and therapeutic agents for specific pathological conditions using high throughput data
case studies
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