Safety & Toxicity Profiling

Safety & Toxicity Profiling is of top priority for pharmaceutical and biotech companies while developing new drugs. Safety profiling helps analyse the therapeutic effects along with the adverse effects of an administered drug/substance, while drug toxicity refers to the extent of impairment a compound can bring about to an organism.

Molecular Connections’ Safety & Toxicity Profiling Services can help you retrieve relevant information in a timely manner from extensive literature sources. Our custom curation team can assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies extract information on drug names, dosages and pathological findings from a wide variety of sources that assist in solving complex business challenges.

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  • Safety data was manually curated from scientific literature for a list of molecular targets and drugs provided by the pharmaceutical company in order to prioritize targets for further research and development.

  • Understanding pharmacologic actions, protein interactions and toxicity studies using XTractorTM. In this case study we extracted the pharmacological actions, protein interactions and toxicity of various drugs and we also manually curated the side-effects from the drug labels

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