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Clinical Trial Analysis are critical in conducting medical research. These are designed to map and test new treatments such as new approaches, new drugs, new vaccines for disease prevention and diagnosis. The choice of the trial process is crucial as it determines inferences that may be drawn from such a trial. They closely consider the ethical acceptability, the extent to which bias in conducting and examining the study can be minimized, the kind of subjects that can be engaged, the acceptability of the results by the regulatory authorities along with other aspects of the study.

Molecular Connections’ Clinical Trial Analysis team assists pharmaceutical and biotech companies in executing systemic evaluation of clinical trial data and helps with meta-analysis to determine and extract important drug characteristics, such as safety and efficacy of drugs, among other details, in comparison to their competitors’ drugs.

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Mining clinical trials by combining automated and manual curation
This case study outlines two independent investigations using the clinical trial data to provide information for the clinical trial decision makers – the first identifies all the late stage combinatorial therapies within the therapeutic space of NSCLC and the second identifies the comparator drugs in the late stage trials.
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NetPro™ is a comprehensive bio-molecular interaction database, which comprises of protein-protein interactions and protein-small molecule interactions.


Molecular Connections’ Gene-disease Networking (MC-GeneNetTM) platform employs a range of in silico methodologies using internally developed text mining engine


CliPro™ is a comprehensive, easy to access knowledgebase of proteins in various biological sources that reflects alterations between normal versus diseased conditions.


XTractor™ is a platform for discovery & analysis of published biomedical facts. The only knowledgebase which provides “manually” annotated facts from PubMed.ns.

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